Baru-baru ini, Trophy Knives melancarkan single terbaru mereka bertajuk High Horses. Bersama dangan pelancaran itu juga, Band Punk dari Kuala Lumpur ini juga telah menlacarkan Muzik Video untuk single terbaru meraka itu. 

Kuala Lumpur based punk rock band, Trophy Knives are back at it with the release of their brand new music video, “High Horses”

“High Horses” is the fourth single off Trophy Knives’ upcoming sophomore record, “Look the Other Way” which is due April 2022.

“High Horses” takes off exactly where they left off from their previous effort, “Act 1:The Acknowledgement” as the music video is a direct sequel to “Act 1:The Acknowledgement”.

The music video for “High Horses” was produced and directed by Azizulhakim Salleh off Fracas Works, and the band confirmed that this music video was a collaboration with Cendana Malaysia,Penjana as well as Mycreative Ventures.

“High Horses” was shot entirely at The Coliseum Theatre, one of the oldest cinemas in the country as it was built in 1920.

“It’s been a personal dream of mine to shoot a music video in a cinema/theatre for over 10 years now, therefore I am beyond excited that we managed to pull this off. The band has shelved the idea for this particular music video for over a year now due to the lockdown, and 3 weeks ago, everything just aligned perfectly, we had a director that loved our pitch, we had the amazing people at Lotus Five Star who were kind enough to let use their cinema, our dear friend, Tess Pang who is an actress, was free to shoot some scenes, and we just made it happen. Very early on we decided that this video will have to pick up where “Act 1: The Acknowledgement” left off, and our director Azizul came up with a really cool concept that complimented the themes of the song. “High Horses” is about checking each other’s privileges. At the end of the day, empathy is the only way forward and ultimately each and every one of us can do so much better to make the world a better place for the less-fortunate.“ quips Vinesh Muniandy,lead vocalist of Trophy Knives

The music video for “High Horses” is out now on Youtube.

“Look The Other Way” comes out on the 20th of April 2022.

High Horses Music Video:


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