TROPHY KNIVES – ACT 2: The Revolution

Baru sahaja melancarkan single pada November tahun lepas, kini Trophy Knives kembali dengan single terbaru mereka, ACT 2: The Revolution baru-baru ini. Dengar cerita lagi, band yang bertapak di Kuala Lumpur ini mahu keluarkan single baru lagi yang dijangka akan keluar Ogos ini. Kalau korang ikuti perjalanan single-single keluaran Trophy Knives ini, Muzik Video mereka seolah siri cerita. Berkemungkinan single terbaru Ogos ini mungkin sambungan untuk ACT2: The Revolution ini. Single back to back ni Trophy Knives. Bila nak keluarkan Album? 


Kuala Lumpur, 4 February 2022 – Kuala Lumpur based punk rock band, Trophy Knives are back at it with the release of their brand new music video, “Act 2: The Revolution”


Act 2” is the fifth official single off Trophy Knives’ upcoming sophomore record, “Look the Other Way” which is due August 2022.

“Act 2: The Revolution” takes off exactly where they left off from their previous effort, “High Horses” and “Act 1:The Acknowledgement” and this video is the culmination of a three video series that are connected thematically and lyrically.

The music video for “Act 2: The Revolution” was produced and directed by Azizulhakim Salleh off Fracas Works, and the band confirmed that this music video was yet another collaboration with Cendana Malaysia,Penjana as well as Mycreative Ventures.

“There is absolutely no way to sugar-coat it, but this song is about the appalling act of custodial deaths, and we need to raise as much awareness as possible to end this travesty, this is a revolution, come towards it” pleads Vinesh Muniandy,lead singer of Trophy Knives.

The music video for “Act 2: The Revolution” is out now on Youtube.

Look The Other Way”, Trophy Knives’ highly anticipated sophomore record comes out on the 20th of August 2022.

Act 2: The Revolution Music Video:

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