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Baru-baru ni, Servants sebuah band/kugiran yang bertapak di Puchong, Selangor meriliskan Single terbaru mereka yang bertajuk Contrast.  Bagi mereka yang belum mengenali Servants, band yang membawa aliran Alternative Rock Emo dianggotai oleh 5 orang ahli iaitu Imran (guitar), Ijad (drum), Mirul (vocal) dan Aziem (bass). Mereka mula menceburkan diri dalam arena underground ini pada tahun 2016 dengan membuat persembahan di beberapa pentas gig tempatan.

Servants is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Puchong that mainly plays rock music that features spoken words poetry. In early 2021, they release a single titled Hands in Mine, a year after their debut EP Holding On While Letting Go, and is ready with another single titled Contrast.

Contrast is produced by Izmal Che Ahmad (aperforatedsphere, Transitions) and mix mastered by JD Wong (Studio 21:05). After experimenting with their previous songs, Servants is back with music that is easier to listen. Their musical tones are varied by adding new music instruments for a better listening experience.

Servants is currently in the process of recording their first album that is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Lyrically, Servants is still discussing issues on relationships, but this time is focused on self awareness. Contrast talks about inner battle of a person that struggles to be a better version of him but is still haunted by his past that keeps pulling him back to misery and to the point he almost succumbed to feeling hopeless. All of these are hidden behind a facade that defies his true feelings. This song is inspired by a confession by their close acquaintance – “I’m tired of feeling like shit.” – which felt like, he had tried his best but is tired of the constant battle with himself.

This is the concept that Servants is trying to portray in their latest music video, Contrast. Red threads are tangled in between as if they are weaves of spider webs, and is used as a metaphor to daunting past memories of an individual that intertwine on top of each other, hence trapping and minimizing movements whether it is to go forward or backward. In the end, it only moves around the same place, over and over again. The music video is mainly in black and white to portray the sentiment of forgotten pasts that are desperately being push and pull around by force from the striking red threads.

  • Artist: Servants
  • Lyric: Rohaizad Rahmat
  • Composer: Imran Khoo & Afif
  • Producer: Izmal Che Ahmad
  • Mix Master: JD Wong

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Story: Servants Band

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